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Shopee best coder challenge 2019!


20th October 2019, Shopee’s ‘Best Coder Challenge’ kicked off with a blast at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre! As Shopee’s official training partner, Lithan is proud to support the 2,500 passionate participants who were competing to win the title of the ‘Best Coder’. Our enthusiastic staff were there to share more on Lithan’s wide range of coding courses, such as our Professional Diploma in hashtag#DataScience, and our Professional Diploma in hashtag#ArtificialIntelligence. As a Digital Skills Accelerator, our learning and mentoring system - CLaaS (Competency Learning as a Service) - sets us apart from conventional classes, where we deliver e-learning, flipped classes, and mentorship throughout the course. It was truly an exciting day for everyone involved, and we look forward to participating in Shopee’s future events! If you are keen to find out more about Lithan’s coding courses, please email us at


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