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Lithan Learning Innovation to Develop Future Ready Talents 


Our solution to overcome the ineffectiveness of the traditional classroom training is CLaaS®. CLaaS®, which stand for Competency Learning as a Service, is a learning and mentoring platform delivering mass customised learning for students, working professionals and enterprises over the cloud, on-demand. CLaaS® delivers non-invasive, just-enough and just-in-time learning.  Learners can personalise their learning journey; learning only what they need at their own pace anytime anywhere with alignment to their career and personal commitments.


Technology is our enabler for the implementation of an innovative learning pedagogy that delivers tangible skills outcomes including utilisation at the workplace.  


Our learning programmes are broken into bite-sized learning components and can be stacked together like lego bricks to deliver various learning outcomes. These learning components or objects are self-contained items, which can be tagged, combined, or sequenced to form longer learning interactions. Individuals can therefore arrange these learning objects into learning sessions that form their own learning journey depending on their personal needs and preferences.  


CLaaS® is aligned around a competency-based curriculum to deliver specific skills and competencies required by employers and the industry. We implement work-integrated applied learning pedagogy to deliver improved KSAs - Knowledge, Skills and Ability. Our learners progress from knowledge acquisition in the classroom to higher order skills application and on-the-job skills mastery at the workplace using real-life or simulated projects.


To deliver skills utilisation, we shift the role of our faculty from that of a “sage on stage” to a “Personal Mentor” that helps learners synthesize and apply their knowledge.     


Traditional academic universities frontload education in a classroom setting that limits learners from engaging the industry to acquire work-ready skills. Vocational institutes deliver practical but quickly perishable skills without internationally recognised credentials. 


To develop thinkers and makers with knowledge and skills required for future jobs, Lithan offers dual track applied learning pathways toward digital careers where our learners start work before they have even graduated.


Our learners acquire practical knowledge, apply their skills at the workplace, and get exposed to new cultures and build international networks in an applied learning journey where learning is work and work is learning. Our graduates receive competency-based credentials with accreditation towards degrees offered by more than 100 internationally recognised universities.


In Singapore, Lithan will open these applied learning pathways for our junior college, polytechnic and ITE graduates, to study and work internationally - supported by 8 Lithan campuses across Asia.


Accenture strategy global research shows 82% of business leaders expect their organisations to be digital businesses in the next 3 years. And, if they are to realise the benefits they anticipate from being digital, the readiness of their workforce must be a priority.


Instead of leaving it to government to transform education and training systems to reduce the growing mismatches between the needs of employers and skills of the workforce, more companies will make the strategic decision to take a direct role in creating the skilled workforce and talent pipeline they need. 


As a “Total Learning and Talents” Provider, Lithan complements our core learning products with value added services, including “Place & Train” latent talent programmes and workplace learning solutions, to assist enterprises.


In the next article, we will discuss CLaaS® in more detail.


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