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Lithan Academy in collaboration with President University presents Global Ready Digital Talent

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CIKARANG, April 24, 2019 – Lithan Academy from Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with President University, to present an international apprenticeship program that produces world-class future experts.


Through this collaboration, a new study program expected to be realized which utilizes the expertise of Singapore and its international apprenticeship program, so that students of IT majors get more work experience before they graduate.


“We have the same vision and mission to present ‘Global Ready Talent’ in this digital economic era. Together we will present a study program that produces the right workforce for a global scale industry, “said Founder Leslie Loh and CEO of Lithan Academy.


Leslie added that through the program students could apprentice up to 80 percent of their college years. This apprenticeship provides the following benefits; firstly, they are hired even before graduation. Second they gaining work experience of up to 30 months upon graduation allowing them to earn higher salaries. Thirdly the students earn an income while studying as such it helps to reduce the cost of education.


“We offer to learn with live broadcasting and also private mentoring for students wherever they are, of course, this is very suitable for Indonesia which has a vast and wide area,” he explained.


While Sandy Darmowinoto, Vice Rector for Administration, Resources, and Finance from President University said, “We hope that from this collaboration President University students will access to many IT experts through online classes so that they can get better IT skills, coupled with an apprenticeship program. With this program, the apprenticeship is even more intensive than what is currently available. “


Lithan Academy is a Singapore-based private education institution and digital skills accelerator. Lithan utilizes innovative technology and pedagogy to offer learning programs that are relevant, flexible and affordable. Lithan’s flagship CLaaS product is aligned around a Competency-based curriculum, work-based pedagogy and blended learning delivery to deliver global ready skilled talents for the new digital economy.

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